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Authors Guild, Inc. v. Google Inc., 2013

By far, the most compelling copyright issue to emerge in the digital world has been Google’s legal fight to display snippets from copyrighted books for users conducting internet searches. In 2004 Google announced that it planned to fully digitize 20 million copyrighted books so that users could access snippets for reference purposes. The Authors Guild, an organization consisting of thousands of authors took issue with Google’s book project and sued for copyright infringement in the case, Authors Guild, Inc. v. Google, Inc. (as cited in Zimmerman, 2014, p.1).

Library Anxiety

I just published my first original research article in the journal College & Resarch Libraries, You can read it in the preprint here:

Is it Fair Use?

Mountain View

Copyright laws were created to help creators borrow, use, and build upon the ideas of other creators. The fair use doctrine, codified in the Copyright Act of 1976 was designed to help resolve disputes regarding transformative use, that is, does the new work truly change the meaning of the original work? If it does not change the meaning, then it is not fair to use it.

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